Monday, November 28, 2011

Photo Studio for only $49.99! Portable Photo Studio

For those of you looking for that great holiday gift for the food blogger (or ebayer, or etsyer, etc), look no further!  Thinkgeek is offering this Portable Photo Studio that comes with the following:

  • Collapsible photo lightbox, 16 inches cubed
  • Two high-output table-top 35 watt photo lights
  • 6 inch to 7 inch extension mini-tripod
  • Zippered nylon carrier, 9 inches by 4 inches by 8 inches
  • Does not include a camera ;)

And for only $49.99, which is 1/4 of the price compared to the ones from EZ Cube!

To top off those Cyber Monday savings, use coupon code CYBERMONDAY to receive FREE ECONOMY SHIPPING. Better hurry; this offer is only good through 3am ET 11/29/11!

My Hubby gets a special shout out for jumping on this deal and getting me an early Chanukah present!  Thank you Hubby!!
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  1. Wow, great gift idea! I finally bought some lighting, but this would have been a wonderful starter kit~

  2. Hi Lizzy, I'm dying to open up the box that came yesterday! Hubby said I can but I'm trying to be good and wait for Chanukah! GAH

  3. Forget being good and get it ripped open, lol.

    I have stand lights, but I know quite a few others who have these and like them. I'm sure you will like them. Can't wait to see the new photos.

  4. Hahaha Gina, I would have but hubby is on a two week business trip, and so I'm tryin' realllllly hard to wait until he returns at least!