Sunday, August 18, 2013

Small Pet Select Hay

I clearly have a love of all things food.  Well, I have met my match!  Apparently, guinea pigs will do anything for most things leafy green (or carrots, carrots are god).  They will wheek as loud as can be, they will look pleadingly at you like they are starved, even if they *just* finished their last bite of tasty fresh cilantro as they are pleading.  If their hay holder runs out of hay before you awaken, expect to hear cries of desperation from my beloved furbabies. 

Meet Oreo and Reeses

These two guinea pigs, also called cavies, are boys, also called boars, who are only 1 year old.  They grew up in the same litter, and are now pair bonded, but are still brothers.  In other words, they drive each other insane at times.  I should clarify- Reeses, Mr. Special Snowflake, loves to wheek, climb on, talk incessantly to and in general just irritate the dickens out of dear, quiet Oreo.  They are quite the pair to watch, and each interaction is funnier than the last.

Piggies love food.

Hence, this is their "kitchen":

The hay rack you see is filled at least once a day.  I run through 8 lbs of hay every 30 days or so.  I used to run through a LOT less hay, until I read about this awesome company who ships boxes of fresh, moist hay for our beloved furbabies.

Whenever I open the box of Small Pet Select hay, the wheeks of joy are heard apartment-wide. It is a joyous sound that fills my heart with warm fuzzies.

If you would like your piggy to look at you like this in the morning, then go order a Small Pet Select hay box for your furbaby immediately! (They deliver quite fast too!  Use coupon code GUINEAPIG for FREE SHIPPING & A FREE STICKER! )

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