Friday, December 14, 2012

Weight Loss While Eating Yummy

You may have noticed some additions on my sidebar and bottom bars today.  I have added a weight loss ticker to the bottom of my page and also a weight loss updater on the right side (to keep me honest this holiday season.)  So I've officially lost 40 lbs in one year.  Not bad considering all the stress this year!  I lost the weight eating all the yummy foods listed on this blog- but in moderation.  Portion control seems to be key for my weight loss this year.

For those of you who have read my post about the Bodybugg weight loss management system, I have changed my opinion.  The Bodybugg device is devine.  However, I HATE their software.  The food database has nothing useful in it, the phone app does not sync well, and the software does NOT work well on the Mac at all!  SO frustrating when you are trying to keep yourself motivated to log everything you eat everyday, which is hard enough.

So hubby got the Bodymedia Fit Link which allows you to sync with MyFitnessPal.  Now MyFitnessPal has THE BEST food database EVAR.  I have not yet seen such an inclusive database.  I found the rarest items in their database, such as Costco's weirdly named mini frozen eggrolls and these chocolate covered pomegranate chews that I bought (zomg so nommy).  This makes uploading food intake so simple it's almost sad if you find yourself not uploading daily.  Also, MyFitnessPal will reward you when you do well, and give gentle reminders and suggestions when you are off track.

The fact that the BodyMedia Fit armband syncs with MyFitnessPal makes this so much more worth the money.  Also, the BodyMediaFit tracks your sleep patterns, which is useful for me because I sleep terribly.

So up onto Ebay goes my Bodybugg.  You can "buy it now" for $50 or start your bids at $40.  Now that you have all the info, go put the BodyMedia Fit on your wishlist!

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