Tuesday, October 2, 2012

BodyBugg Weight Management System

For all of you looking to manage your weight (lose, gain or maintain), the BodyBugg might be for you!  I just got mine yesterday and am LOVING IT!

I haz a coupon code for $20 off if anyone is interested.  There is a sale going on now too, so the price has dropped over $100 to only $99 plus the $20 off and it's only $79!  Totally worth it.

Supposedly the BodyBugg tracks your daily calorie burn to a 90% accuracy.  Much better than my guestimates, that's fersure!

You wear it 23 hours a day on the back of your left arm and it tracks your every move.  There are multiple sensors to determine your muscle movements, your body heat, and a pedometer. You manually enter your food consumption on their spiffy website and it calculates your daily calorie deficit.  The BodyBugg website even creates a weekly menu for you if you so choose to follow their suggestions.  You have to first fill out their 15 minute questionnaire about what your food preferences are and what your eating and sleeping schedule is like, and then it uses all that data to customize a food schedule for you.

I am trying to lose another 60 pounds (already lost 60 lbs) and I'm stuck in a permanent plateau.  Hopefully the data I gain from the BodyBugg will help me lose what I need.

Email me or comment below if you guys have any questions about it.  So far so good!  (Oh, and you don't have to wear the pink armband.  They have blue, black or chrome to choose from.)

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  1. I kind of like the pink though. I need something, I've been stuck with this figure for way too long. Good for you that is a lot to lose. I was considering just having my lips stapled shut. Hope you are having a great week.