Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Playing with Sugar

I decided to test my artistic abilities at cake decorating.  Here are some of my creations for you to peruse:

This was my very first flower bouquet for a cake. I had taken the first of three cake decorating courses offered by Wilton at various locations (I chose a local Michael's by me), and this was the final project for the class, for which I received a certificate of completion and a coupon for the next course. I do plan on taking the next one, but I have decided to take a pottery course first.  I start working on the potter's wheel next week and I am extremely excited about it.  I have some experience with the wheel and am looking forward to honing my craft even more.

I made the cupcakes to my right for a fundraiser for Japan after the Tsunami of 2011 destroyed much of Northern Japan.  The company I work for held a bake sale on Take My Child to Work Day which was a really nice thing for the children to be a part of.  Instead of sitting in Mom or Dad's cubicle playing with rubber bands, the children were able to sell baked goods and other donations such as candy or Japan rubber band bracelets and plants, etc.  They had a blast and we were able to raise a nice amount to donate to the Red Cross.

The cute petal cups were purchased at a local Michael's store that has a big selection of Wilton products.  The pastel M&M's were a lucky find because Easter had just finished and the Easter candy sales had just begun.  I still need tons of practice at perfecting my drop flower technique but I think I got the icing swirl underneath down pretty well.

Here are some cute safari themed cupcakes I made for a colleague of mine who was holding her son's first birthday party.  I took a shortcut and bought the cute animal faces pre-made, along with the wraps on the outside of the cupcake wrapper, but I did bake them and fill them with vanilla pudding, then I added the icing grass with my spiffy new piping bag.  Overall they were a hit!

Here's a side view, showing the cute cupcake wraps that I found at Michael's.

This weekend I am attempting to make crab cakes with a red pepper puree dipping sauce and a cherry pie.  The last time I attempted crab cakes I could not get them to adhere, so check back Monday and see if I had success this time around!
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