Friday, November 2, 2012

Welcome Home Oreo and Reeses!

Meet two new Guinea Pig additions to the family:



Their spiffy new Mansion from C&C Cages (2' x 4'):

1' x 2' Loft

Piggy Abode:

These adorable fuzzlets are only 1.5 months old and both males.  We think they are brothers but there were two litters so they might be cousins, however they get along great either way.

Welcome home guys!  <3 <3
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1 comment:

  1. Oh they are so cute, I think my dogs would be jealous, Oreo and Reeses have a bigger pad, lol. Nutbag, lol, I'm just so glad it's over so I don't have to heard any more of the ads, he he. My daughter wanted a guinea pig for the longest, but I told her no, because I knew I'd have to clean up after them, but they are so cute. Hope all is well.