Friday, September 30, 2011

Your Daily Dose of Cute

red panda

Red Pandas, commonly known as Firefoxes due to their red colored fur and their fox-like appearance, are the most floofy, cuddly, friendly creatures I have ever seen.  If you watch this pandacam and you don't find yourself SQEEEEEing from total cuteness overload, then you just might have a heart of stone.

Sadly, these sweet Red Pandas are endangered.  Their habitat is being cut down and they have nowhere to safely live in peace.  The Red Panda Network works hard to protect their forests and grow their species count by, among other things, safely breeding Red Panda babies in zoos where there are people who specialize in raising Red Pandas.  The RPN is currently building a Community Conservation Center in Nepal, home of the Red Panda, where they can do community outreach to educate people about the importance of their forests, as well as in-field research.  Here is a video of the future location of the Community Center in Nepal:

The Knoxville Zoo has this awesome live pandacam where you can watch the babies Dolly, Bernadette and Winston play and bottle feed in their oh-so-comfy looking nursery.  Don't miss the bottle feedings around 12:45pm daily, it is way too precious.

If you would like to donate to The Red Panda Network, one neat way that benefits both you and the RPN is to adopt a Red Panda.  For only $40 you can have pictures and a wallpaper for your computer of your newly adopted panda, an adoption certificate, and more.  With the holidays coming up, this could be a great gift for the animal lover in your life, or for your wishlist if you are the animal lover.

International Red Panda Day is a day devoted to the celebration of and community education about the Firefoxes. We just celebrated the day on September 17.  Don't forget to post about it next year on your Facebook/Gplus/Twitter accounts and get the word out!
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