Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pop goes the chicken, and the chicken goes...

Well I'm starting to eat normally again, so I attempted a home cooked meal for once.  Last night's dinner was the coined "Chicken Poppers" which is a stuffed chicken breast wrapped with bacon, but with a kick of heat.

chicken poppers


4- 8oz boneless, skinless chicken breasts, butterflied and pounded
1- 8oz container of whipped cream cheese of your choice (I use Breakstone's Temp Tee)
1- Jar diced jalapenos (if you can't find diced, just buy the slices and dice yourself)
12 slices low sodium bacon- NOT thick cut!  The bacon doesn't crisp if it is cut too thick
4 Tablespoons chipotle seasoning of your choice (I use Konriko brand- bottle shown below)


1.  Butterfly each breast and pound (but try not to tear the chicken).  I have learned that when you pound any kind of meat, you need to guard against splashing the juices around as you hit the meat.  (Please ignore all double entendres tyvm)  A perfect way to protect yourself from splashing Salmonella into your mouth is to first lay one sheet of wax paper and tape it down to the counter.  Then put your protein on top, then a layer of saran wrap goes on top.  Now you are ready to pound your meat!  (That one was intentional.)

2.  Put even amounts cream cheese in the middle of each fillet.  Try to keep the cheese towards the middle, leaving all four sides bare (makes rolling and tucking easier).

3.  Add a heaping teaspoonful of diced jalapenos on top of the cream cheese, and spoon a little juice on top from the jar.

4.  Roll it up like you would a burrito, tucking in the sides as you roll.

5.  Wrap with 2 to 3 slices of bacon each, depending on the size of the fillets, and place in a pyrex baking dish, and sprinkle a teaspoon of chipotle seasoning on each wrap.

6.  Bake at 350 Degrees F for approximately 40 minutes or until bacon is crispy and the chicken juices run clear.

I usually plate one chicken wrap (with some of those juices spooned on top) with a some broccolini and some Knorr Herb Butter rice sides.

I had mentioned the lemon blueberry crumb bars in my last post, and I didn't want those waiting for the outcome to feel left in the dark.  I did make them this past weekend, and I substituted the sugar with baking splenda for health reasons.  I have to say it came out pretty good!  Not as tasty as I had hoped, but I bet if I had used brown sugar in the crumbs, it would have been a knock out.

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